The Ol’ Twofer


I received some sweaters as gifts after I started The 20 Days of Christmas Sweaters this year, so I actually have a couple extra. There is only one thing to do when this happens. You must wear two sweaters at the same time. Great Scott, this is a genius idea!

Note the cute buttons on my velour snowmen vest.

I want to write more, but I have a bit of a Christmas emergency on my hands. Apparently, some of the online orders I made last weekend didn’t actually go through. (Is this an internet connection problem?) I even checked my credit card transactions, and these gifts appear to be made up in my head. Okay, not really. I shouldn’t order Christmas gifts after midnight because our horrible internet company is always doing something to the connection then. Don’t they know that after-midnight hours are prime web time?! Now I have to figure out replacement gifts because some of my thoughtfully chosen gifts are out of stock. ­čśŽ I bet this never happens to Santa. Are you all finished with your Christmas shopping?

Things You Need to Wait for the Great Pumpkin

It’s pretty late, so I won’t be writing much. I have to go out to our pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin. Here are a list of things that you should bring to your pumpkin patch on this Halloween night:

  1. A feisty┬ájack o’lantern

    This is a pirate pumpkin. Arrgh!

    This is a pirate pumpkin. Arrgh!

  2. A celebratory sweater
    Sweaters 4 Life

    Sweaters 4 Life

    Yellow Halloween Sweater

  3. A sweet costume

    Anger and Sadness (If you haven't seen Inside Out yet, what are you doing with your life?)

    Anger and Sadness from Inside Out

  4. A lot of sinceritySadness Sweater

That’s all. Happy Halloween!