The 7th Day of Christmas Sweaters

I have something special to share with you. It’s my Christmas sweater stash. Once winter has ended, I gently tuck my sweaters in for a warm weather hibernation. These are my sweater storage boxes. 

Now you know the secret behind the magic! 


Christmas Velvet Vest

Today, Jono’s parents came for the holidays and got to see our house for the first time. They brought lots of presents and sweet treats. I was very excited. I couldn’t help but giving a few high kicks and shaking some gifts.

I asked my in-laws which vest I should wear over my new striped shirt today, and they both voted for this one. The buttons are a particular favorite of mine even though they are very difficult to maneuver. Family coming over just means that the big day is getting closer! Are you getting excited for Christmas?!

The 4th Day of Christmas Sweaters

Okay, technically this is a sweatshirt, but I still count it. My husband bought this sweatshirt with matching red sweatpants for my birthday back when we were dating. He now regrets it. He especially complains about the baggy sweatpants. What can I say? They are very comfortable and have pockets!


Well, I have a crazy hard Thomas Kincade puzzle and a cuppa ginger tea waiting for me, so I better go. Happy holidays!

The ___ Days of Christmas Sweaters

It’s after midnight, but I’m up blogging because I’m a little behind on my Christmas sweater posts. I have a few excuses though. First of all, I don’t even know how many sweaters I have this year because I haven’t unpacked them all yet. Second, I’ve had a little problem with renewing my driver’s license. Apparently, my state birth certificate is not proof of my citizenship anymore because I’m adopted. Ugh. Anyway, I mostly have it straightened out now, but it is a lot of legal jargon to wade through (and the people at the DMV are not only unhelpful but also irksome as they have been making up laws that don’t exist). Anyway, here are two Christmas sweaters.

I can testify to how comfy it is to have a fur collar on your sweater in the winter. Who needs a scarf when your sweater is already keeping your neck warm for you. Think of how haughty you can be when you see people wearing two garments when they could be only wearing one!

You can tell I’m ready for bed in this picture. Also, my lips are zombie-colored from the lip cream I got in my advent calendar. However, I wanted you to see our new cat! Her name is Trudy. The animal shelter said that she was three, so we thought we were bringing home a mellow and mature cat. We were wrong. The vet said that Trudy is probably around one year old, and Trudy started acting like a kitten as soon as she stopped taking her antibiotics. I thought we had trained her to stay off the counter tops, but I have already caught her back on them again twice today. Thus far she hasn’t ruined anything or eaten any of our people food, so I think we are doing a good job of training of her. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your December! Trudy and I both say goodnight!

The First Day of Christmas Sweaters 2016

I’m getting a late start on my Christmas sweaters because we just moved. It took a while to dig out all of my winter clothing, and it was really hard to get motivated in November when it still felt like summer here in the south. However, December is here, and I am officially another year older. A new house and a birthday call for a new sweater, right? 

Teddy bears skiing? Um, yes, please! I could not pass this sweet sweater up when I saw it in the toasty, warm months of summer. 

Here’s the back:

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t done my nails in weeks. You guys all know how serious that is! However, these pictures are really making me regret not having matching teddy bear nails. Well, there’s always next year! What will I wear tomorrow? Not even I know that! 

Rhodia Drive Notebook Review


It’s back to school time, which is one of my favorite parts of the year. Growing up, I was always excited to buy new school supplies. I still feel the need to buy school supplies even though I’m no longer in school. However, we happen to be in the middle of shopping for a house, so major stationery splurges are strictly off-limits. Luckily, during my drought of new office supplies, a hero came to my rescue. Her name is Laurie Huff.

Laurie Huff is the current blogger for the Quo Vadis blog (of Quo Vadis planners), but I have been reading her posts for years on her personal blog, Plannerisms. If you are currently in the midst of trying to find the perfect planner to organize your life, then I highly recommend going through the archives of her personal blog. The Quo Vadis blog also has ideas and inspiration for planner and journal users and often has giveaways. I happened to win one such giveaway.  



I won the A5 medium Rhodia Drive notebook, and I will be giving you my unbiased review on it. Rhodia Drive and Quo Vadis are both made by the same company, and both have the same creamy and delightful Clairefontaine paper (which is made in France, so it’s fancy, right?). I have tested this paper in stores previously, but this is my first personal experience with it. The cover of the notebook reminds me of a #2 pencil, specifically the soft-leaded ones. (These pictures appear a bit lighter than the real thing.) It measures 6 x 8.25 inches and has 48 pages of 80 gsm extra white paper. The covers of the notebook are coated cardstock and are also waterproof. (I did not test this detail.) You can also see this notebook on the Rhodia Drive website in  black and white.



I used different inks and colors on the first page to test the opacity of the pages. I’m not sure that you can tell from my pictures, but the Marvy LePen and Sakura Gelly Roll bled through too much. The rest of the pens had an acceptable amount of visibility for me. However, as I continued using the notebook, I noticed that the Sharpie pen and G-2 also were too dark on the back side of the pages. This may be because I write too hard, which is why my writer’s wart is roughly the size of a small mountain. I stuck to writing with Uniball Sigmos the rest of the time, although I did smear a couple of letters because the pages are so smooth.

The spine experienced some wear after a few weeks in my cotton quilted backpack. It was in there with a personal-sized leather planner and a reusable water bottle. 

All in all, I really like the Rhodia Drive notebook. My favorite aspect of it is the size. I really prefer wide notebooks over narrow ones, which are harder to write in for people with large handwriting. (Also, now that I’m thinking about it, I might like it because it is the same size as our elementary school composition books. Remember those?) I love the texture of the paper; it really is smooth with a good weight.

Have you ever tried any Rhodia notebooks or Quo Vadis planners? Let me know in the comments! Also, I have been putting off writing a post about my personal planner. Let me know if you are interested in seeing how I try to stop wasting my time.

Mani Monday: Nude with Sparkles


Zoya Taylor is my nude color and Zoya Alma is the orange sparkly color that disappointed me with its lack of opacity. As one of my fave beauty bloggers says, it’s “sheeritating.” (Amber Katz is totally brill at coining helpful beauty-related phrases.)

I’m almost finished with my Butter London topcoat. I’m thinking about trying out the Zoya one. Have you tried either?





Mani Monday: Finger Paints Artist’s Sapphire & High Kicks in a Quarry


Happy Monday! Today I am wearing a beautiful royal blue from Finger Paints called Artist’s Sapphire. I only have two Finger Paints nail polishes, but both are well-pigmented, non-streaky, and long-lasting. (See Finger Paints Psychedelic Pop here.) Okay, this manicure did have a few chips after trying out a ropes course this weekend, but I think that is to be expected. Usually, I get a full five days from this nail polish, which is why I am surprised that I don’t have more Finger Paints colors. I guess it is because I don’t live close to a Sally Beauty Supply.

So why was I at a ropes course? Well, we went to an event sponsored by our Alma Mater, Regent University. Our alumni association sponsored a Georgia event at Stone Mountain Park. It was pretty fun. We climbed through ropes, rode the train, played mini golf, rode the gondola, climbed part of the mountain, walked the Sky Hike. I don’t have pictures of most of this because we were too busy having fun. However, I do have pictures of me running into an old Quarry site.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to star in a  best-selling YA dystopian novel that is turned into a multi-million dollar movie franchise? I have too! Well, I think that running through a granite quarry is the closest I’ll ever get to being a star.

Quarry 1

If I get to the top of the hill, I can save the world!

Quarry 2

I better get started. 

Quarry 3

Which way should I turn?

Quarry 4

I’m the only girl who can save the world!

Quarry 5

Must. Run. Farther.

Quarry 6

I made it!

High Kick!


Take that, Capitol/President Snow/W.I.C.K.E.D./all bad people who stand in between me and freedom!!!!