Mani Monday: Finger Paints Artist’s Sapphire & High Kicks in a Quarry


Happy Monday! Today I am wearing a beautiful royal blue from Finger Paints called Artist’s Sapphire. I only have two Finger Paints nail polishes, but both are well-pigmented, non-streaky, and long-lasting. (See Finger Paints Psychedelic Pop here.) Okay, this manicure did have a few chips after trying out a ropes course this weekend, but I think that is to be expected. Usually, I get a full five days from this nail polish, which is why I am surprised that I don’t have more Finger Paints colors. I guess it is because I don’t live close to a Sally Beauty Supply.

So why was I at a ropes course? Well, we went to an event sponsored by our Alma Mater, Regent University. Our alumni association sponsored a Georgia event at Stone Mountain Park. It was pretty fun. We climbed through ropes, rode the train, played mini golf, rode the gondola, climbed part of the mountain, walked the Sky Hike. I don’t have pictures of most of this because we were too busy having fun. However, I do have pictures of me running into an old Quarry site.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to star in a  best-selling YA dystopian novel that is turned into a multi-million dollar movie franchise? I have too! Well, I think that running through a granite quarry is the closest I’ll ever get to being a star.

Quarry 1

If I get to the top of the hill, I can save the world!

Quarry 2

I better get started. 

Quarry 3

Which way should I turn?

Quarry 4

I’m the only girl who can save the world!

Quarry 5

Must. Run. Farther.

Quarry 6

I made it!

High Kick!


Take that, Capitol/President Snow/W.I.C.K.E.D./all bad people who stand in between me and freedom!!!!


Mani Monday: Wet ‘n Wild Fresh White Creme & Fingerpaints Psychdelic Pop


Hello, friends! Did you have a happy Easter? I sure did. We went to church, dyed eggs, ate a delicious meal (ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, green salad, and ice cream with strawberries), watched a movie, and played games. I pretty much had the time of my life!

We watched the new Left Behind movie starring Nicolas Cage on Netflix. This movie got a lot of flack on my Facebook feed, but we liked it. It was entertaining, and ol’ Nic C. is always good. Also, my husband and I thought the special effects were great. Whether or not you believe in the rapture, it’s still a fun Sunday afternoon watch. (Personally, I think people should not be focused on the end times. The important thing is what we celebrate on Easter: Jesus’ death and resurrection, which pays for our sins.)

I had a fresh manicure to match my new-to-me Easter dress for church. It’s a hot pink gingham Lilly Pulitzer I found at Goodwill. I love to shop at thrift stores! Do you? I’m thinking about starting a series about my thrift store finds as I am trying to revitalize my wardrobe. Would you be interested in reading a series like that?

Anyway, back to my mani. The white is French White Creme by Wet ‘n Wild. This white usually wears for about three days. It takes three coats to become opaque, otherwise it is streaky. The pink dots are Psychedelic Pop by Fingerpaints. I really like this color. It is opaque and bright. It also has good wear time. I would definitely recommend it.

Have a happy Monday!

Mani Monday: Orly Green with Envy

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Did you eat any yummy pies? I had both grasshopper pie (mint chocolate chip) and razzleberry pie (mixed berry). Mmm…  😛 

Anyway, since both Easter and St. Patrick’s day coming up, I decided to do a pastel mani with a green base. The green color here is Orly Green with Envy. I thought it would be a creamy pastel, but it is actually a weird sheer green. It took four coats to get this opacity. I do not recommend this color not only because of its sheerness but also because of its short wear time. I dotted two other Orly colors onto my nails, Lollipop & Snowcone (lavendar and sky blue, respectively). They have an even worse wear time than Green with Envy, so I don’t recommend them either. I have tried them with both the Orly bonder base and an OPI base. There was no difference in wear time when I used the same brand’s basecoat with these polishes. It could just be the pastels though. These are the only Orly polishes I have ever tried. I also used two Colorstay polishes from Revlon. These polishes have a decent wear time for drugstore nail lacquer, but the brushes on all of the Colorstay polishes are cut unevenly (including ones I did not picture in this post). This makes creating a nice manicure nearly impossible. The colors I used are Provence & Coastal Surf (gray-lavendar and french blue). Have you ever tried these brands? Did you get the same results I did?


From L-R: Lollipop, Provence, Green with Envy, Coastal Surf, Snowcone

Well, I have some news for people who refuse to love math and celebrate Pi Day. Today is also White Day! No, white day is not a day where we celebrate white people. It is a holiday made up by confectioners in Asia to sell more candy. No, seriously, it is. I don’t know which countries celebrate it other than Korea and Japan. However, both countries make the girls give the boys they like candy on Valentine’s Day. A month later on White Day, the boys respond in turn. We don’t usually celebrate White Day at our house, but we decided to try it this year. My husband surprised me by taking the day off to do fun things with me all day! So far I have gotten two bouquets of flowers, seen a movie, gone shopping, and eaten pie. Pretty good day, right? What have you been up to today? Let me know in the comments!

I Want a Snoopy Sweater for Christmas, Charlie Brown!


Exactly one year ago, I started the 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2014 with this same sweater. I just happened to wear it today because we had plans tonight to watch “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!” (Seriously, I should get a kickback from ABC for all the free advertisement I give them.)

If you are a frequent visitor of lifeintheme, then you know that I am a big fan of Peanuts. Snoopy and the gang remind of watching TV as a little kid with my younger brother. So of course I went to see the new Peanuts movie when it came out.

Peanuts movie.JPG

I thought the movie was very well done. I was uneasy about the computer animation, but they really tried to keep the same tone as the other Peanuts movies.

Happy meal.JPG

It was also very well marketed. Peanuts was everywhere, and I bought it all! Okay, I didn’t buy the expensive Peanuts Coach purses. I did buy the Peanuts nail polish and Happy Meals though. Also, it is very fun to Peanutize yourself.

peanutize me.JPG

What do you think? Does it look like me?

I Spy a Spy


I just happen to follow Melissa McCarthy on Twitter, and last week she just happened to tweet about a screening of her next movie in Atlanta with a link for free tickets. I snapped up those tickets like a crazy homeschool mom at a free book bin (you know what I’m talking about) and crossed my fingers in hope of a high-five from the great MM.

He's pretty cute, right?

He’s pretty cute, right?

We arrived at the theater a little after 8:00. The movie was supposed to start at 9:30. The line was already wound around the velvet ropes to the last row. However, we did have our phones, so we played an exciting game of Ticket to Ride while we waited.

IMG_1445 IMG_1447 IMG_1443

Finally, the theater started to buzz as we all noticed the PR people clustering in excitement and some burly security guys guarding the exit. MelMac was in the building! (Do you think that Melissa McCarthy will like to be called all of these nicknames when we become BFFs?) She gave a good little intro to the film and deflected adamant requests for pics from selfie-whores with humor and grace. She also had some nice words for her co-stars, including one Miranda Hart.

Miranda Hart…

Where had I heard that name before?

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

It is only the name of my favorite midwife, Chummy! (Okay, I really mean the actress who plays Chummy.)

c/o Call the Midwife Facebook

c/o Call the Midwife Facebook

This made me even more psyched. Forget Jude Law and Jason Statham. Gimme more hilarious ladies in my films, please!

Okay, so on to the movie. Spy is a sort of James Bond spoof but not in an Austin Powers type of way. It is about Susan Cooper (MM), a CIA agent who stays in her dead-end desk job so she can stay in the life of one Bradley Fine, a Bond-esque agent played by Jude Law. When something goes horribly wrong on Fine’s mission, Susan finally goes undercover herself and becomes the baddest agent of them all.

Side Notes:
MelMac is obviously the star and obviously gut-bustingly hysterical.
Miranda Hart is a riot as Susan Cooper’s colleague and friend, Nancy.
Rose Byrne’s Rayna Boyanov, a seller of nuclear weapons, is her funniest role yet.
Jason Statham’s caricature of an action hero is spot-on and scene-stealing.
Jude Law is good eye candy and is always good.
Allison Janney is hilarious as usual.
There were lots of people I recognized in little cameos, including Mr. McCarthy (AKA Ben Falcone), but my favorite was definitely Michael McDonald from Madtv.
This movie will definitely be rated R. I also found a couple of scenes to be too graphic for my own personal taste. I will say that I am not much for violence though.
I don’t usually say this, but I really liked the music. There were lots of female singers.

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

The best part of this movie for me was that all of the females were allowed to be funny, interesting, showcased characters. Even as a child, I hated Bond movies because I never understood why women would throw themselves at a man only to be killed by him. I may not have understood feminism, but I knew that I did not like to watch women on the sidelines. Spy fulfills the deepest longings of my celluloid heart, including a friendship between two of my fave actresses. Really, what more could I want?

Spy will be in theaters on June 5. Check out the trailer here.

P.S. MelMac, if you’re reading this and desirous of a new script to produce, I have one for you. Just let me know.