I Spy a Spy


I just happen to follow Melissa McCarthy on Twitter, and last week she just happened to tweet about a screening of her next movie in Atlanta with a link for free tickets. I snapped up those tickets like a crazy homeschool mom at a free book bin (you know what I’m talking about) and crossed my fingers in hope of a high-five from the great MM.

He's pretty cute, right?

He’s pretty cute, right?

We arrived at the theater a little after 8:00. The movie was supposed to start at 9:30. The line was already wound around the velvet ropes to the last row. However, we did have our phones, so we played an exciting game of Ticket to Ride while we waited.

IMG_1445 IMG_1447 IMG_1443

Finally, the theater started to buzz as we all noticed the PR people clustering in excitement and some burly security guys guarding the exit. MelMac was in the building! (Do you think that Melissa McCarthy will like to be called all of these nicknames when we become BFFs?) She gave a good little intro to the film and deflected adamant requests for pics from selfie-whores with humor and grace. She also had some nice words for her co-stars, including one Miranda Hart.

Miranda Hart…

Where had I heard that name before?

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

It is only the name of my favorite midwife, Chummy! (Okay, I really mean the actress who plays Chummy.)

c/o Call the Midwife Facebook

c/o Call the Midwife Facebook

This made me even more psyched. Forget Jude Law and Jason Statham. Gimme more hilarious ladies in my films, please!

Okay, so on to the movie. Spy is a sort of James Bond spoof but not in an Austin Powers type of way. It is about Susan Cooper (MM), a CIA agent who stays in her dead-end desk job so she can stay in the life of one Bradley Fine, a Bond-esque agent played by Jude Law. When something goes horribly wrong on Fine’s mission, Susan finally goes undercover herself and becomes the baddest agent of them all.

Side Notes:
MelMac is obviously the star and obviously gut-bustingly hysterical.
Miranda Hart is a riot as Susan Cooper’s colleague and friend, Nancy.
Rose Byrne’s Rayna Boyanov, a seller of nuclear weapons, is her funniest role yet.
Jason Statham’s caricature of an action hero is spot-on and scene-stealing.
Jude Law is good eye candy and is always good.
Allison Janney is hilarious as usual.
There were lots of people I recognized in little cameos, including Mr. McCarthy (AKA Ben Falcone), but my favorite was definitely Michael McDonald from Madtv.
This movie will definitely be rated R. I also found a couple of scenes to be too graphic for my own personal taste. I will say that I am not much for violence though.
I don’t usually say this, but I really liked the music. There were lots of female singers.

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

c/o Spy Movie Facebook

The best part of this movie for me was that all of the females were allowed to be funny, interesting, showcased characters. Even as a child, I hated Bond movies because I never understood why women would throw themselves at a man only to be killed by him. I may not have understood feminism, but I knew that I did not like to watch women on the sidelines. Spy fulfills the deepest longings of my celluloid heart, including a friendship between two of my fave actresses. Really, what more could I want?

Spy will be in theaters on June 5. Check out the trailer here.

P.S. MelMac, if you’re reading this and desirous of a new script to produce, I have one for you. Just let me know.

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