Mani Monday: Orly Green with Envy

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Did you eat any yummy pies? I had both grasshopper pie (mint chocolate chip) and razzleberry pie (mixed berry). Mmm…  😛 

Anyway, since both Easter and St. Patrick’s day coming up, I decided to do a pastel mani with a green base. The green color here is Orly Green with Envy. I thought it would be a creamy pastel, but it is actually a weird sheer green. It took four coats to get this opacity. I do not recommend this color not only because of its sheerness but also because of its short wear time. I dotted two other Orly colors onto my nails, Lollipop & Snowcone (lavendar and sky blue, respectively). They have an even worse wear time than Green with Envy, so I don’t recommend them either. I have tried them with both the Orly bonder base and an OPI base. There was no difference in wear time when I used the same brand’s basecoat with these polishes. It could just be the pastels though. These are the only Orly polishes I have ever tried. I also used two Colorstay polishes from Revlon. These polishes have a decent wear time for drugstore nail lacquer, but the brushes on all of the Colorstay polishes are cut unevenly (including ones I did not picture in this post). This makes creating a nice manicure nearly impossible. The colors I used are Provence & Coastal Surf (gray-lavendar and french blue). Have you ever tried these brands? Did you get the same results I did?


From L-R: Lollipop, Provence, Green with Envy, Coastal Surf, Snowcone

Well, I have some news for people who refuse to love math and celebrate Pi Day. Today is also White Day! No, white day is not a day where we celebrate white people. It is a holiday made up by confectioners in Asia to sell more candy. No, seriously, it is. I don’t know which countries celebrate it other than Korea and Japan. However, both countries make the girls give the boys they like candy on Valentine’s Day. A month later on White Day, the boys respond in turn. We don’t usually celebrate White Day at our house, but we decided to try it this year. My husband surprised me by taking the day off to do fun things with me all day! So far I have gotten two bouquets of flowers, seen a movie, gone shopping, and eaten pie. Pretty good day, right? What have you been up to today? Let me know in the comments!

Mani Monday: Neon Stripes and Easter Aftermath

I love holidays, and I thought that having a holiday blog would be amazing. However, there’s a catch. A blog about holidays should have amazing pictures of holiday celebrations, and I never remember to take pictures during holiday celebrations. I’m always too busy having fun to stop and take pictures. I sometimes wonder if all the faux-celebrities on Instagram actually ever get to enjoy any of the soirées that they attend because their pictures must take a lot of time to get right.


Jono bought me these Easter candies after Easter, which made them more delicious because they were half off. 

Here’s my short Easter weekend recap: lunch in Augusta with college friends, The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach, birthday party in Charleston with other college friends, and Easter celebrations. (All of these were fun-filled events, and I have nary a picture to show for them.)

On Easter, I made key lime pie for the first time ever. It is my husband’s favorite pie. I even decided to get fancy and make a delicious pecan crust. It was super easy to make, and even easier to polish off.



Easter Sunday also kicked off the mini-series A.D. The Bible Continues. I wasn’t excited about watching another Biblical series because they can get a little stale. However, this production is very well-made (not just tolerable). Jono and I actually look forward to watching this show every Sunday. Check it out at Sunday nights at 9:00 on NBC.



Also, Downton Abbey fans might enjoy seeing Kevin Doyle, AKA Mr. Molesley, as Joseph of Arimathea.


Okay, I think we’re all caught up now. Wait, I forgot to tell you about last weekend. That can wait for another day. Let’s talk about my nails. I can’t quite get the neon colors to show up quite right. The base color is the highlighter yellow color pictured with my Easter candy. A sweet friend gave it to me. It was quite sheer, so I had to layer it over white. Unfortunately, I only have a cheap Wet n Wild white, which is quite streaky. I decided to paint stripes over it to hide the uneven color. It looks better in real life.

I hope that you had a blessed Easter.

P.S. My husband makes the best deviled eggs.