Weekday Watchlist for Cinco de Mayo

Hola, mis amigos! You may have noticed that I did not write a Mani Monday this week. That is because I cut my nail on a sharp corner and tore it through the middle of the nail plate. (I googled “fingernails” to see what that part of the nail is called. I am not a genius.) This means that I can’t paint my nails until the tear grows out. I am trying not to sink into “the depths of despair,” but it is quite a trying time for me.


Let’s not dwell on my horrible nails any longer. It’s Cinco de Mayo! We are celebrating at home this year, but that does not mean there will be no fiesta. I will be making delicious taco salads and maybe painting my toenails. (Painting your toenails is festive, right?)

c/o Wikipedia

c/o Wikipedia

In honor of this Mexican celebration, I suggest that you watch The Book of Life. Yes, I know that it starts out on el Dia de Muertos, but I really can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about this movie. Last year, I couldn’t believe that people went nuts online over The Lego Movie while saying nothing about this colorful-concoction of animated goodness. It really is a shame. The Book of Life is a classic narrative of rivalry and romance set in a vibrantly animated old world Mexico and voiced by an all-star cast. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Happy watching!