Danahan Anti-wrinkle Set Review

I am always excited when friends come to visit me. I like to take them to Koreatown to eat desserts and shop Korean beauty products. One of my friends gifted me this nice sample she received while we were at a beauty shop, and I promptly forgot about it until I ran out of moisturizer while I was sick. I really didn’t feel like running over to Ulta when just cooking dinner exhausted me. I rummaged through my beauty drawers (ok, a plastic storage unit) and found these beauties. 


This set of emulsion and skin toner is from Danahan’s Anti-wrinkle line. I wasn’t too impressed with it until we ran out of Kleenex. My husband and I were both too tired to go to the store (we didn’t leave the house much), so we used toilet paper to blow our noses for about a day and a half. I usually buy Charmin ultra soft, but my husband had recently bought Charmin ultra strong. Do not blow your nose with Charmin ultra strong. Before I could get to the store, I had developed what looked like a big red callous underneath my nose. It was like a speed bump underneath my nostrils.

Unfortunately, we had an engagement right after the Charmin ultra strong incident. I moisturized as usual. While combing my hair, I noticed that the redness and swelling underneath my schnoz had gone down. I’m pretty sure it was because of these two babies. 

I’ve been using these samples for exactly a month now, and there is still a teeny bit left in them. I think my wrinkles look slightly better, but you must take this observation with a grain of salt since I’m barely out of my twenties. I also use this in conjunction with Estee Lauder Perfectionist [CP+R], although I haven’t been using it on the regular while I’ve been under the weather. I will review Perfectionist another time though. It is an interesting product with many pros and cons for me. 

Anyway, I give Danahan’s Anti-wrinkle line a big thumbs-up as a mild moisturizer. The skin toner* absorbs quickly, and the emulsion is lightly moisturizing. If you have dry skin, then you will need a heavier moisturizer. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you may not like the faint floral scent. However, if you need a redness or puffiness reducer, this set is your friend. 

*Note for K-beauty newbs: Korean toner is not an astringent like American toners. It is not used for closing your pores. Instead it is used to correct your skin’s pH level after you use a cleanser because many cleansers are alkaline.

Have any of you tried Danahan yet? Let me know in the comments. 

3 thoughts on “Danahan Anti-wrinkle Set Review

  1. These pair of beauties seem like something I should try. I have problems about redness at times. The last one was after using Jeju volcanic pore clay mask by Innisfree, which although it cleanses and smooths my skin, near my forehead it becomes a little red as well as my cheeks outside the t zone, although I think this is due to the product I may apply afterwards as my skin has been worked and cleaned and is quite sensitized. Maybe the Innisfree propolis with serum set is also a solution, I have just applied it now but… too late:( I think that this set would be the right product to add afterwards as well. I will see if I can get a sample set and will give you my thoughts about it. You have a very beautiful blog, I am new to KS so it is always great to find articles like this one!

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      • I think it is also due to the fact that I leave it around ten minutes and my skin probably needs just five. I must see this. Another thing is that probably it is better that I only apply it on my tzone but avoiding the base of my forehead especially the upper nose and above eyebrows that for some reason is the most sensitive area.
        I love Mizon! And I have seen this toner with chamomile extract. Sometimes I make an infusion with chamomile and will apply when it is warm with a cotton and it helps. So the one by Mizon must be more concentrated. I have been thinking of getting one. Probably I will. Have a great weekend!

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