Mani Monday: Negative Space


I don’t know if you know this, but negative space is cool. What’s negative space? Well, it’s the part of your nail that you don’t paint. Why? It’s cool. Cool things are beyond all reason.


This nail art is inspired by the lovely Jinsoon Choi and are my entry for her Instagram contest.


Who is Jinsoon? Well, she is a celebrity nail artist.



I follow Jinsoon on Insta because her nail designs are creative yet attainable. Jinsoon always knows what’s next in nail fashion, and what’s next never involves cheating with Sharpie paint pens and stickers. The omission of stencils and stick-ons allow her designs to have elegance but still retain the imperfection of being made by a human hand. I love that. (Plus, she’s Korean. Who doesn’t love a Korean girl?)


I hope you are well-rested from the weekend. I am still a bit tired from waking up early to grab some Lilly Pulitzer pieces from Target. There were women who had been waiting outside of the store at 5:00am. (I got there 5 minutes before the store opened and thought I was pretty crazy.) These women were Lilly hawks. Here are all of the ladies lined up outside the dressing room. None of these women wanted to try anything on. These ladies just wanted to snatch up all the rejects. They were all pretty upset when they found out my rejects were from the children’s section.


While I was trying things on in the dressing rooms, some crazy ladies decided to try their clothes on outside in public. They did not pull their Lilly Pulitzers over the clothes they were wearing. They took off things and exposed themselves to my husband. When I returned from the fitting room (where normal people undress themselves), my husband was quite upset about the assault on his eyes. However, as artists, we took it upon ourselves to become inspired by what had transpired. Here is our reinterpretation of the great Lillygate of 2015:

Here is art imitating life. Life is tired.

Here is art imitating life. Life is tired.

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