Mani Monday: The Thrill of Brazil and Lots of Hearts

I apologize for my lack of “themeing” this month. I had many more Valentine’s Day-themed things planned, but I have been preoccupied celebrating my husband’s movie and trying to watch all of the Oscar nominees before the awards show (which did not happen).

Speaking of the Oscars, wasn’t Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute well done? Lady Gaga is not only an amazing singer, but also a lady who loves a theme. Have you seen her engagement ring? It’s heart-shaped of course.

As another lady who loves a theme, I pull out my heart-patterned purse every February. I bought it for $5 from J.C. Penney when I worked there one summer break from college. This purse was in the bottom of a clearance bin, and a customer brought two over to my register in another department. When I told her how much I loved them, she hurried over to the bin and fished the last one out for me so that I could buy it on my break. Working retail was fun, but it was not that great for my savings account.

My classic red nails are The Thrill of Brazil from OPI, which was the first bottle of OPI I ever bought. I have a theory that the old nail polishes had longer lasting power due to all of the chemicals in them that were bad for the environment. I’m glad nail polish is now more eco-friendly, but sometimes I miss the good ol’ days of long wear time.

What old things do you miss? Beanie Babies? Milky pens? Ignorance of how bad processed food is? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Mani Monday: The Thrill of Brazil and Lots of Hearts

  1. Oh my, milky pens!! The amount of flashbacks from those two words are unreal, haha! I had totally forgot about those–not sure how I did though, because they were the bomb, along with the changeable markers and those push up type pencils that had the lead in 10 different tiny segments. 🙂 Who needed the ease of a sharpener when you can remove the little plastic lined lead and push it to the end of the line…until you lose them and then the pencil became worthless, ha.


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