Mani Jami


Recently, my old college buddy Vanessa (AKA Vee-Booty during the Big Booty cheer) sent me a sample of some Jamberry nails. A couple of days later, my old grad school friend (AKA no nickname) suggested I do a review of Jamberry nails. My friends have good timing.

I decided to spice up my Jamberry review by comparing it with other nail wraps/stickers/whatchamacallits. My sweet husband picked these Essie and Fing’rs wraps up at the Dollar Tree for me. I would love to tell you what each wrap is made of, but I cannot find any information on any of the packaging or websites of all three of these companies. It’s a mystery!


The first picture is of my nails on Saturday after the wraps were first applied. The Fing’rs wrap is on my thumb and the Essie wrap is on my middle finger. These two wraps did not file away cleanly from the edge of my nail. The Fing’rs wrap looked especially ragged. The Jamberry nails had the shiniest finish (although the Essie wraps were purposefully made half matte as part of the design).

The second picture is of my nails as of an hour ago. The Fing’rs wrap did not last long. The Jamberry wrap on my pointer finger had a wrinkle in it when I applied it, so it went bye-bye during my extra-hot shower today. The Essie wrap is chipped away from nail edge and cuticle.

My friends say that Jamberry nails last up to two weeks for them. I am obsessed with hygiene, so my manicures never last as long as my friends’ do. However, I will say that Jamberry wraps were the best out of all the wraps I have tried. They look the best. (I have formerly used OPI x Sephora wraps. They looked like stickers but had good lasting power.)

If you are a person who does not have time for a regular manicure or believes that the manicures on Pinterest are attainable with a regular nail brush, then these Jamberry nail wraps are for you. Check out Vanessa’s website here. Also, let me know if there are any other things you would like me to try out for you.


P.S. Did you watch the 40th Anniversary of SNL last night? Martin Short has still got it!

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