Mani Monday: Another Nail Fail

This is after less than 24 hours of wear. I must admit that my Monday posts are getting to be quite embarrassing. My nails do not usually look so Lindsay Lohanesque. (P.S. Remember when LiLo made it cool to go get a chipped manicure? P.P.S. Remember LiLo? I heard her name mentioned on the radio today and was honestly surprised that she still exists.) IMG_1340
There are some glitter nail polishes that are so dense that they are made for one night wear. This one was not advertised as such, but it does have an unusual amount of glitter. I may try to wear this one without a basecoat and topcoat like a high density glitter lacquer. Unlike last week’s Deborah Lippman polish, this one actually does looks very pretty on and does not have a horrible formula.

Normally, I would’ve redone my nails after such bad chipping, but I was busy figuring out what I should do with my hair for the screening of the film Old Fashioned, which my husband co-edited. You can watch the trailer here.

Here’s my huge hair before I styled it.
I’ll let you see the results on the big day since I haven’t figured out what to do yet.

Do you have any ideas for my hair? Do you want to style my hair for me? (Please?)

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